Emblem & Logo

  1. The Chamber’s emblem or logo is in the form of five darts placed neatly on a block or a foundation, with green coloured background and golden Dayak Design with the Chamber’s initial or abbreviation DCCI in black letters placed in the middle of the green block or foundation.
  2. The colours of the emblem signify the following:
    1. The black colour of letters DCCI symbolizes a multiethnic community of the Dayak people in Sarawak.
    2. The golden coloured Dayak designed on green background symbolizes progressive value systems of the Dayak people, which portray their commitment to establish a sound economic based, professionalism and business integrity.
    3. The green background stands for an on-going development and progress in the Dayak Community.
  3. The emblem shall have the following significance:
    1. The Five Darts:- The Dayak of Sarawak are masters in the art of survival. A dart that flies with lightning speed to hit, its target, is synonymous with the skilful Dayak who adapt swiftly to their environment. The dart’s shaft symbolizes longevity and the base represents the land, which has forever sustained the Dayak people.
    2. The Five Darts in knitted Formation:- This symbolizes a synergy, readiness and flexibility of the Dayak people in carrying out their struggle to improve their livelihood and breaking new ground in trade and commerce within the context of Malaysia’s plural society.
  4. The abbreviation of DCCI stands for Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These letters are linked together in inside the block symbolizing unity in diversity of the Dayak culture and to promote the mutual understanding and cooperation among members of the Dayak community to achieve common goals: development, prosperity and progress.